Jeff Phipps Nominated for Guardian Angel Award at Burgess Health Center

Burgess Health Center proudly announces the nomination of Jeff Phipps, IT System Administrator, for the Guardian Angel Award by Grady Warner, recognizing Jeff for his thoughtfulness, kindness, determination, resourcefulness, and reliability in all aspects of his work.

Jeff manages servers, network appliances, connectivity within Burgess locations, access for offsite/remote users, and collaborations with third-party vendors. He works nights and weekends updating systems to minimize operational disruption for access to essential employee functions such as patient documentation, radiology images/reports, lab results, patient billing, in-home care applications, remote workers, contracted services, HVAC systems, security systems, phone systems, disaster recovery backups, and so much more.

Grady Warner, IT Director, expresses deep gratitude for Jeff’s dedication, stating, “I am beyond grateful for Jeff and his unwavering dedication to Burgess Health Center and his exceptional contributions to the healthcare community. He is truly my guardian angel.”

The Guardian Angel Award, a highly respected recognition at Burgess Health Center, acknowledges individuals who demonstrate exceptional care, kindness, and commitment to their patients. Jeff’s nomination reflects the deep appreciation Grady and his team have for all the integral behind-the-scenes efforts to keep our patients and teams safe.

Burgess Health Center is honored to have professionals like Jeff among its staff, who consistently go above and beyond to provide exceptional care to the community they serve.

Photo: Lynn Wold, CEO, Jeff Phipps, Grady Warner, Bobbi Johnson