Healing Garden

For a sick patient, the Healing Garden at Burgess Health Center is a temporary place of peace in the midst of dealing with illness and pain. Perhaps it will mean the difference between a bad day and a hopeful day.

The garden’s tranquil setting offers a healing retreat for patients, their families and visitors, hospital staff, and the public.  It provides a chance to be around nature and to escape, if for only a little while, the stress and stimulation of a clinical environment.

Many unique opportunities for honoring special people and occasions in our lives are offered in the garden. You can create a lasting memory by purchasing a bench, tree, or other garden feature. Celebrate the special people and moments in your life with a personalized, engraved paver set in the walking paths of the Healing Garden.

Located near the hospital’s inpatient unit and dining area, the garden is designed to help heal the mind, body, and spirit by providing a quiet, serene, natural setting for contemplation and fresh air. It is also open to the general public.

More than $60,000 was raised from the community to cover the initial costs. No hospital funds were used to create the garden.

Healing Garden Brochure

If you have questions about the garden, please contact Bobbi Johnson at 712-423-9374 for more information.