You can help ensure your hospital continues to provide quality care you can believe in by supporting Burgess Foundation. Through annual fundraisers and a variety of different types of gifts from people just like you, Burgess Foundation helps the hospital purchase equipment and supplies that keep you and your family healthy.Donatenow

Burgess Foundation’s annual Poinsettia Ball, as well as their annual Golf Tournaments in Mapleton and Onawa have been long-standing traditions. Proceeds from these popular social events and other fundraisers have helped Burgess Health Center with projects such as:

  • CT Scanner
  • MRI
  • Digital, portable X-ray machine
  • Equipment for hospital and clinic services
  • Computers and software to convert Burgess to electronic medical records
  • EKG machine
  • Surgery table
  • Physician recruitment
  • A hydraulic cot for the ER
  • Healing Garden

No gift is too small, and a variety of donation options are available. Call 712-423-9374 to learn more about ways to make your tax-deductible donation.

Mission:  Burgess Foundation is committed to seeking community partners whose time, talent and treasures ensure the future of Burgess Health Center.

Foundation Board of Directors

Kathy Westergaard, president

Susan Johnson, vice president

Cheryl Warner, secretary/treasurer

Scott Brekke

Peggy Hanner

Lou Hewitt

Phil Morrow

Trent Rodman

Derek Cartmill, director emeritus

Dr. Peter Daher, director emeritus       


Bobbi Johnson, foundation and community outreach director