Burgess Health Center offers many advantages that are hard to come by in larger healthcare settings. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing Burgess.

We’re in Your Neighborhood

When you’re not feeling right, all you want to know is why. And making multiple trips to far-away healthcare centers for diagnostic tests don’t improve your mood. Likewise, having surgery is stressful enough without having it happen far from home and inconvenient for your friends and family. Thanks to Burgess Health Center and our clinics, you can get extraordinary care from skilled professionals close to home.

We’re on a First-Name Basis

Burgess Health Center is filled with professionals that live and work in your community. They’re proud to be from the area and appreciate you trusting them for your health care. Because we’re a small hospital, you’ll get more individual attention plus it’s convenient for your friends and family to provide transport and visit. Neighbors take care of each other, so let your Burgess neighbors take care of your healthcare needs.

We Can Move Paper Mountains

When you need healthcare, the last thing you want to do is worry about insurance companies coming through with payment or navigating the bureaucratic maze of who pays for what on your own. Relax. Our expert billing professionals have navigated the insurance payment system hundreds of times. They’ll be your tireless advocate who heads off payment hassles. And because Burgess is not a giant medical complex, our billing pros can give each patient more time and attention.

Low Stress and High Tech

Just because Burgess Health Center is a smaller health care provider doesn’t mean we’re not big on technology. Burgess offers the latest high-tech including MRI and mammogram machines and obstetric monitors just to name a few. There’s no need to spend almost an hour in the car when the latest technology is ten minutes away.

Think of Us as Your Private Hospital

We’re a little over the top when it comes to our patients’ privacy. Every room at Burgess Health Center is a private room. No roommates to listen to your treatments or overhear you discussing care options with your doctors and nurses. There also won’t be hundreds of other employees, patients, and their families around to observe and overhear your care. On top of all that, we’re stringent followers of HIPAA privacy regulations. Get great care with less of an audience at Burgess.

Emergency Room Urgency

When you need emergency care, you don’t want to wait in line. When you come to the Burgess ER, chances are you’ll be getting treatment within a few minutes of arrival. Our expert staff can handle everything from broken arms and legs to high fevers and more complicated emergencies. When you need quick care, head to Onawa and Burgess.