Burgess Teams Recognized for Excellent Care

Every day at Burgess Health Center, our emergency crew responds to numerous 911 calls, whether a patient transfer or stand-by at a house fire. They show up ready and willing for what they are about to face. And they did just that, and more recently when a call came that a family was injured in a motor vehicle accident on I-29. Not only did the emergency crew respond, but upon return to the hospital, several departments offered assistance to keep everyone involved in the accident cared for and safe.

“In healthcare, you always hear it is a team sport. Here at Burgess, we talk a lot about our team and how great our team is. Then something like this happens where 16 individuals selflessly focus on a patient, their family, and everything impacting them,” Carl Behne, CEO at Burgess Health Center.

A recognition event was held at Burgess Health Center on Thursday, July 7, honoring those who exemplified incredible teamwork and commitment to three patients involved in the motor vehicle accident.

“Our staff members are all amazing clinicians, but they are also some of the most caring and compassionate staff I have ever worked with,” said Karla Copple, ER Director at Burgess Health Center. “They go above and beyond for all the patients they care for.”

Those honored this morning for their teamwork, collaboration, and unwavering commitment were Patrick Prorok, Sarah Solberg, Kelsey Gray, Steve Gordon, Jon Pinkelman, Elsa Roslansky, Jenny Coble, Brad Prescott, Jessica Renz, Dawn Bonham, Dr. Waseem Alounk, Melissa Allen, Morgan Ridder, Rachel Pinkelman, Duane Renz and Sara Keenan.

“You begin to really understand why the word team is used the way it is. Individually each of them did great things. Collectively they were amazing,” added Behne. “We are very proud of them.”


Photo: Back left to right: Carl Behne and Rachel Pinkelman

Front left to right: Morgan Ridder (holding Logyn and Lincoln Ridder), Karla Copple, Kelsey Gray, Steve Gordon, Sarah Solberg, Jon Pinkelman, Dr. Waseem Alounk, and Sheriff Jeff Pratt

Not pictured: Patrick Prorok, Elsa Roslansky, Jenny Coble, Brad Prescott, Jessica Renz, Dawn Bonham, Melissa Allen, Duane Renz, and Sara Keenan.