Guardian Angel Recognized at Burgess Health Center

Burgess Health Center is proud to announce the nomination of Jenny Kenney, social worker in the Home Health/Hospice Department, for the Burgess Foundation Guardian Angel Award.

Donna Jacobs, and her husband Ray, want to recognize and thank Jenny by nominating and donating in honor of her beloved mother, Evon Blakely. Jenny went above and beyond to care for Evon, including arranging weekly FaceTime visits so Jacobs could communicate with her mother from her home in Arizona.

“We so looked forward to her weekly visits,” said Jacobs. “Mother would perk up when Jenny arrived, even when mother was not feeling the best. Compassion is essential in this role and Jenny exuded this quality”.

Burgess Foundation’s Guardian Angel program provides patients, family members, and friends a chance to show their gratitude to a physician, nurse, or another caregiver who has played an exceptional role in their lives. The Guardian Angel received an acknowledgment letter announcing that a donation has been made in their honor and given a custom-crafted lapel pin to wear proudly.

Did a caregiver at Burgess make a memorable difference for you or your family? If so, you can honor that special person in a highly visible way through Burgess Foundation’s Guardian Angel program. It is more than a pin. When you take advantage of our Guardian Angel program, you also help ensure the future of outstanding health care in the region.


Photo: Sherri Johnston-McDowell, Director of Home Health/Hospice, Jenny Kenney, Linda Handke Nepper, Evon’s daughter-in-law, Bobbi Johnson, Foundation Director, and Carl Behne, CEO.