I recognize Dr. Tracy Kahl as a Guardian Angel for her efforts throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Kahl assisted Burgess and surrounding communities to prepare and adjust patient care practices to ensure safe and effective practices were utilized. She provided direction of clinic workflows to help minimize cross-contamination by recommending “clean” and “dirty” sections, helping set guidelines when it was or wasn’t appropriate for patients to come into the clinic for routine needs to protect the vulnerable, provided input for nursing homes protocols, and so much more.

Dr. Kahl has helped ensure we were communicating with physicians at all locations to work through their concerns and workflows to minimize physician infection to ensure we could continue to meet the needs of our communities around our county. Dr. Kahl’s dedication and commitment to our caregivers, our patients, and our community are recognized and appreciated. Dr. Kahl is truly deserving of a Guardian Angel award!

Thank you, Dr. Kahl.