High-tech equipment and the most qualified medical staff mean you don’t have to travel far for many of the surgical procedures your family needs. Our board-certified surgeon provides a variety of outpatient and inpatient surgeries, including pacemakers, hand surgeries, laparoscopic gallbladder surgeries, hernia repairs, breast biopsies, fracture repairs and much more.

Other specialty surgeons also perform a wide variety of procedures in Onawa, including joint replacements, neck surgery, cataract surgery, hysterectomies and sinus surgery. Burgess’ experienced nursing staff assists by providing top-notch pre- and postoperative care.

Burgess Health Center’s radiology department has the latest in radiologic equipment. Radiology at Burgess offers 4D ultrasound, 3D mammography, stroke screenings, MRI and CT scans.

Even Burgess Home Health/Hospice – known for its personal home care – uses the technology of telemonitoring equipment in the home to alert nurses at Burgess of changes in a patient’s vital signs and weight, which catches health problems before they worsen.