Burgess Health Center Announces New General Surgery Outreach Partnership with CNOS, Starting July 3rd

Burgess Health Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with CNOS to bring a comprehensive range of general surgery services to the community. Beginning July 3rd, a team of highly respected general surgery providers will offer services at Burgess Health Center weekly.

The team includes:

Dr. James Hegvik: A board-certified general surgeon with expertise in bariatric surgery, anti-reflux surgery, and colorectal surgery.

Dr. Craig Nemechek: A board-certified general surgeon specializing in breast care, abdominal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and trauma surgery.

Dr. Lawrence Volz: A board-certified general surgeon with a focus on breast and abdominal surgery, robotic and laparoscopic procedures, and trauma surgery.

Lori Drea, PA-C: A certified physician assistant who works closely with the surgeons in the general surgery clinic.

“We are excited to offer this expanded service to our patients,” said Lynn Wold, President/CEO of Burgess Health Center. “By partnering with CNOS, we can provide a high quality of care and convenience for our community, ensuring that our patients have access to top-notch surgical expertise close to home.”

Patients seeking general surgery services should get a referral from their primary care provider. The clinic will operate weekly, offering a range of surgical procedures and consultations.

Burgess Health Center remains committed to enhancing the health and well-being of the communities it serves. This new partnership with CNOS proves our dedication to providing exceptional healthcare services and improving patient access to specialized medical care.