Burgess Health Center, Monona County Public Health to Collaborate

Creating healthier communities has always been a top priority for the Monona County Board of Health. Recently, the Monona County Board of Health and Board of Supervisors, and Burgess Health Center decided to combine efforts to better meet health needs for residents of Monona County.

This collaboration will allow individuals to receive the resources and services they need through effective and engaged community-based systems.

“We all share a common goal of improving population health,” said Burgess Health Center President, Fran Tramp. “This was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the services each organization provides to solve community health problems.”

There is great potential in leveraging the strengths and resources to integrate public and population health needs to create healthier communities. In mid-September, the Learning for Life program and staff will move from the county courthouse to Burgess Health Center.

“It’s the right time to combine public health and private health care in our rural community,” adds Tracy Kahl, DO at Family Medicine Clinic and Chair of the Monona County Board of Health.  “We both have the same goals, improving health for our residents.”

To learn more about Public Health, visit www.burgess.org/services/public-health or 712.423.9153.