Mills Successfully Earns Certification

The Burgess Health Center Pharmacy Department is pleased to announce employee Brooke Mills successfully challenged the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam in early April 2019.  Brooke is joining a group of health care certificate holders that is nearly 700,000 strong nationally.

PTCB certification is not a given, as evidenced by an exam pass rate of less than 60%.  Brooke has been receiving on-the-job training in the Pharmacy Department for the past nine months, as well as taking the time to study the various areas that are tested on her own time.  Her dedication to improving her skills is undoubtedly deserving of commendation.

“We are so proud of Brooke, who dedicated herself to becoming certified,” said Mark Harris, Pharmacy Director at Burgess. “In the end, our organization and patients are the ones who will benefit the most.”