By Linda Courtney

As people age, their bodies will undergo changes. They might not have as much stamina as they once did, or they feel more aches and pains during daily life. Their memory might not be as sharp. Some people seem to decline faster than others. What makes some people age better than others? Follow the tips below to help you feel younger and live longer.

  1. Eat food that is not processed. So many packaged foods contain ingredients that could be harmful to your health and well-being. Look for fresh or frozen fruits or vegetables. Organic meats and fish fall into the category of food to eat. Read ingredients lists. If they contain words that are large and unpronounceable, you can bet they are not healthy. Make sure you are familiar with all the ingredients listed on the label.
  2. Plant a garden. Planting will not only provide fresh, organic, real food to eat but also give you a task that will keep you active. You will not get more nutritious food than what you pick and eat from your garden. Even apartment dwellers could grow herbs. Many towns are starting community gardens that allow people to plant on their own patch of ground. Your mind and body will benefit from the exercise and fresh air as well as the nutritious whole foods.
  3. Smile and laugh more. Just the act of smiling will produce a happy, feel-good sensation head to toe. Surround yourself with positive people with a sense of humor. Watch comedies that are sure to make you laugh. You will feel better doing so.
  4. Think positively. A positive mindset may be hard sometimes when things are going badly, but there is always a light at the end of difficulties. It helps to have a sense of humor about your situation too. How you think can you affect your whole wellness. You can make yourself sick by just believing you are. Think good thoughts even when you may not feel that way. You will feel better before you know it.
  5. Try something new. Think of an activity or hobby that you are bad at or always wanted to try and work at accomplishing. This new challenge will help you become mentally sharper or more physically fit. Your mind and body are used to the normal activities. Changing it up will keep your brain more focused. If it is a physical activity, you will use different parts of your body, making them stronger in the process.
  6. Always eat breakfast. You have fasted all night so when you wake up your body needs a boost to perform optimally. Eating breakfast will also give a boost to your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories throughout the day. If you skip breakfast, you may overeat later in the day, leading to weight gain, Make sure you start every day with a healthy breakfast.
  7. Take time to stretch. Daily stretching exercises are known to help with your balance and coordination. They will also help you to navigate the day’s activities that require flexibility. Think about getting in and out of your small car or bending over to pick up a dropped object. Stretching will keep you from falling and injuring yourself leading to a lengthy recovery.
  8. Adopt a dog. Besides the companionship and unconditional love they provide, they will also put you on a schedule that you will have to keep. You will have to walk him, feed him, and make sure his needs are met. Having the impetus to get out and walk provides great physical exercise for you as well. Being outside can provide stress relief also. Having a dog will help you both mentally and physically.
  9. Make sure to include downtime in your schedule. Between family, work, school, and household chores, many people are going nonstop from dawn to bedtime. Too much of this can lead to stress and burn-out. You should make sure to include some downtime such as taking a walk, reading a book for pleasure, or just watching mindless television to recharge your mind and body. Stay away from computers or smartphones because it is too easy to start working instead of relaxing.
  10. Engage in a hobby or sport that you enjoy. As people age, they might not be able to keep up with or do the things they did when they were young, but there are always hobbies or sports in which you can take part. Walking is fine for all ages. If you have trouble with that, there is chair yoga. Joining a club will help you engage in a hobby as well as provide conversation and companionship– all good reasons to find something you like and do it.

All of these tips are easy and painless for most people. They can be adjusted to your personal lifestyle and preferences. If you apply them to your life, you will notice that your happiness and stress levels will improve. You will feel better both physically and mentally. Enjoy life for the longest time possible.