New Versacare Beds at Burgess

Thanks to the generous donation from Burgess Foundation, the Burgess Health Center medical-surgical department now has 13 new, state-of-the-art Versacare Beds. Each bed is equipped with several features designed to keep safety and prevention at the forefront of care. Features like the Bed Exit Alarm System will alert staff to patients exiting the bed without assistance. The new Versacare Beds are also equipped with Active Integrated Response®. This feature alleviates pressure points by continuously regulating the amount of air in the mattress. Another feature designed to protect the skin is the Advanced Microclimate® Technology. This wicks moisture away from patients keeping them dry and comfortable. In addition to these notable features is Turn Assist. Turn Assist hyper-inflates one side of the mattress making it easier for patients to reposition. This dramatic upgrade is the latest equipment addition that will help to continue the advancement of care at Burgess Health Center.