Burgess Family Beginnings provides a warm, homelike experience for expecting mothers and their families. With a dedicated and compassionate, fully trained staff the obstetrics department at Burgess adds a sense of comfort to a joyous occasion.

Four of the family physicians on the Burgess medical staff deliver babies at Burgess and two are certified to perform C-sections.

Labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care take place in a room that adds warmth, comfort and a homelike setting for this joyful experience. Spouses or other support people are welcome during labor.

Although they look like a studio apartment, labor and delivery rooms have modern, high-tech equipment concealed within them. This allows families to enjoy this special time in the comfort and privacy of their own room, surrounded by the family and friends they choose. The newest addition to your family can remain in your room or in the security of our nursery.

Expectant Parents

Expecting mothers are encouraged to seek out prenatal care well before the birth of their baby.

Ultrasound Technology

Our radiology department staffs board-certified sonographers. The ultrasound equipment can provide OB patients with 4D and other images on a CD for them to share with family or print images – if their provider orders the exam.

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Our Team of OB Providers

Paul Dudley, MD

Tracy Kahl, DO

Shannon Kennedy, MD
Brandon Kovar, MD